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I had someone ask me if I had all my Olicity fics in one place. At the moment, I do not. I haven’t had the need for a fanfiction.net account in the past although I have written fic before. Now, however, I do think having them all in one place would be nice. I’m also looking into AO3. (I’m on AO3…

you love her, you even told her so” “I was trying to fool Slade”

"yes, except now the only one you’re fooling is yourself"

All I want for my love life is someone who look at me the same way oliver looks at Felicity


people saying that Olicity in 3x01 came out of no where:


no but now I think about it…

you know what? you are right






















I need Arrow blogs to follow!!!!

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Yesterday, I started watching Arrow……. I’m already on the 1x20…. ok, arrow fandom… I’m in

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Anonymous asked: *cyberhugs until you feel better*

thank you so much!!

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I just need a hug… so badly that it hurts…

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So, today, 6, it’s my 27th birthday!!!!

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Over the Years (Joshifer One Shot) →



hey guys! this is my first attempt at a one shot so i do apologize in advance. Also thanks to jennifer-shrader-lawrence for helping me edit and giving me tips! enjoy some joshifer goodness! xo, lee

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here’s the link to the songs i mentioned (xx)

Over the Years…

This is so beautiful!

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The Final Cut - Joshifer One Shot/Drabble



The Final Cut

“AND CUT,” Francis shouted across the soundstage.  “That’s a wrap on Katniss Everdeen, Miss Jennifer Lawrence everyone!”

Jennifer looked through the crowd of crew members applauding and spotted his kind eyes.  Her bottom lip began to quake as she gave a watery smile and a littler wave to the rest of the cast and crew that was on set before taking off down the hallway.  A chapter was closing on a major part of her life and she needed a minute to process it privately.  She leaned against a wall and slid down to sit on the ground, curling in on herself.  In a minute she’d have to say goodbye to people who had been a part of her life day in and day out for the past three years.

 Her fists clenched as a silent sob racked over her body, grieving the loss of one of the few constants in her life.  She had gone from a relative unknown to being the Hollywood “it” girl through the process of the Hunger Games, but it was here that everyone treated her like she was just Jen; rather than Academy Award Winner, Jennifer Lawrence. 

Through her sadness she had not heard the footsteps of someone approaching her, when she felt a warm hand on her shoulder she jumped slightly in surprise, looking up to see who had come after her.


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Anonymous asked: Can you send me a link to all your fanfics please? And can you list a few of the best fanfics you've read? Thanks you're and amazing writer... I've read some of your fanfics


Since I get this question quite often, and I usually send people to my link page, I’m just going to list them out and yes, I will make it accessible for mobile users. If you are on mobile, click the chapter number and it’ll open a new window.

Thanks very much for the kind words, and for your interest in my stories.

Mucho amore!! ~J

THG fics:

74th Hunger Games Challenge: We Always Were

Catching Fire: Rekindling

Catching Fire: Rekindling Outtakes

Mockingjay: Broken Wings

Mockingjay: Broken Wings Outtakes

These stories are a rewrite of THG with a twist, it is told from everyone’s POV and Katniss and Peeta go into the arena as a couple. The outtakes are rated NC-17/NSFW

Road to Recovery

My take on how Katniss and Peeta “grow back together.”

Home  (Written for PiP)

If Only I Could Reach Her (Written for PiP)

These two stories are companion pieces to RtR.


Song fic.

Controlling Katniss

Rated: NSFW/NC-17. This deals with dominance and is strictly smut. It features a very dark and in charge Peeta.

Dark Side

Song fic

Not While I’m Around

Written for thehungergameschallenge

Joshifer fics:

Intimate Strangers

Ch: 1, Ch: 2, Ch: 3, Ch: 4, Ch: 5, Ch: 6

Intimate Strangers: Outtakes

Intimate Confessions

Ch:1, Ch:2, Ch: 3, Ch: 4, Ch: 5

The Intimate Series is based off of current events, if you could call them that. News articles, tabloid rumors, etc…

Betting on the Infield

Ch:1, Ch:2, Ch: 3, Ch: 4, Ch: 5, Ch: 6, Ch: 7

This is an AU piece based in 1903 Kentucky and written for thevintagejoshiferseries

Book of Joshifer

Ch: 1, Ch: 2

A series of one shots that tell you about Josh and Jen after MJ is done.

Paper or Plastic

A one shot written for burlesonspride that tells the story of Jennifer making her decision to get married.

Suck it up, Princess

Written for hutchhitched and deals with a great loss.

Say Something

Song fic.

The Winter of my Heart

I was sick and feeling blue, this story came out.

The Waiting Game

Inspired by a picture during the CF tour.

Thirty-eight Seconds

Inspired by a different picture during the CF tour.


Inspired by some pap pics.

*Insert Smut Here*

Cue the Violins

Tune in Tomorrow

This is a satirical series written with Broadway Baby and features story titles/links by various joshifer authors.

And there you have it. Now I have to remember to bookmark this page.

*update* - I forgot to list favorite fics. Uh… I don’t read when I write, but sometimes a fic will get my attention. Here’s what I got for ya.

You Can Always Come Home by burlesonspride (joshifer)

Sever by DandelionSunset

oh captain, my captain…. R.I.P